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  • Deluxe Fruit Nut Bonanza

    Deluxe Fruit Nut Bonanza


    You won’t believe how many delightful dried fruits and freshly roasted nuts – plus natural coconut! - this genuine wood sectional packs in. Everyone will enjoy!   Details: -  Contains dried apple rings, dried plums, dried...

  • Dried Fruit Bliss Seven Sectional

    Dried Fruit Bliss Seven Sectional


    About the product: Elegantly packaged gift basket filled with a selection of gourmet dried fruit An ideal gift for any occasion: corporate, holiday or personal    Everyone loves the contents: Dried kiwi, dried plums, natural...

  • Fruits Galore Sectional

    Fruits Galore Sectional


    If you like dried fruits, you will love this generous array of popular dried fruits – fresh, tasty and colorful. Presented in a generously sized genuine wood sectional.   Details: -  Contains dried kiwi, dried plums, dried Turkish...

  • House Dried Fruit Delight

    House Dried Fruit Delight


    A tasteful home shaped package made of genuine wood is filled with a generous selection of delightful dried fruits, including super sweet and chewy medjool dates. This is sure to bring color and joy into any...