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  • Chocolate Confections Premium Tray

    Chocolate Confections Premium Tray


    A selection of rich, mouth watering chocolate confections made of premium chocolate and a mix of freshly roasted nuts and fruit. A sweet tooth’s dream presented on an attractive genuine wood tray.   Details: -  Contains caramel...

  • Chocolate Nut Deluxe Tray

    Chocolate Nut Deluxe Tray


    Nine delightful chocolate and nut delicacies neatly packed on an elegant genuine wood tray. There’s something for every connoisseur!   Details: -  Contains coconut bars, dry roasted salted cashews, two tone chocolate bars #1, two...

  • Chocolate Nut Premium Tray

    Chocolate Nut Premium Tray


    Premium freshly roasted glazed nuts and chocolate-nut confections pack this generous genuine wood tray. Adorning this collection at its center is glazed macadamia, the world’s most exquisite nut.   Details: -  Contains glazed...

  • Deluxe Fruit Nut Bonanza

    Deluxe Fruit Nut Bonanza


    You won’t believe how many delightful dried fruits and freshly roasted nuts – plus natural coconut! - this genuine wood sectional packs in. Everyone will enjoy!   Details: -  Contains dried apple rings, dried plums, dried...

  • Exquisite Halva Tray


    Everything about this tray is a cut above. Enjoy a decadent halva log, with premium chocolate coating and layering – plus our trademark freshly roasted nuts drizzled on top. Cap it off with some shots of high-end whiskey from the accompanying glass...

  • Frosted Delight Tray

    Frosted Delight Tray


    Bright and white – with pink and brown twists - these frosted delights send warm vibes even before you take the first bite. Premium orange and peppermint fillings add a refreshing tinge that will linger in your mouth. Presented in a neat genuine...

  • Fruits Galore Sectional

    Fruits Galore Sectional


    If you like dried fruits, you will love this generous array of popular dried fruits – fresh, tasty and colorful. Presented in a generously sized genuine wood sectional.   Details: -  Contains dried kiwi, dried plums, dried Turkish...

  • Game Night Zesty Party Mix

    Game Night Zesty Party Mix


    Inject the euphoria of Game Night into any party with this loaded genuine wood tray. With all your party favorites in one, there no limit to the fun!   Details: -  Contains bar mix, onion garlic pistachio, spicy Cajun corn nuggets, rice...

  • House Chocolate Nut Delight

    House Chocolate Nut Delight


    Sweet delights fill this adorable home, which is made of genuine wood and tastefully packaged. The rich taste of premium chocolates and freshly roasted nuts will enthrall any discerning tooth. Beware, munching on these will lead you to crave some...

  • House Dried Fruit Delight

    House Dried Fruit Delight


    A tasteful home shaped package made of genuine wood is filled with a generous selection of delightful dried fruits, including super sweet and chewy medjool dates. This is sure to bring color and joy into any...

  • Nut Lovers Premium Sectional

    Nut Lovers Premium Sectional


    An impressive medley of delicious freshly roasted nuts - with both sweet and salty twists - will intrigue any nut aficionado. Includes a sizable serving of glazed macadamia, the world’s most exquisite nut. Elegantly packaged in a genuine wood...

  • Nutmania Premium Sectional

    Nutmania Premium Sectional


    A generous medley of sweet, salty and unique nut delights – all with Nut Haven’s superior quality and freshness. You will particularly savor the glazed macadamia – the world’ most exquisite nut – and the rich taste of...